Short Courses

April 29-May 3, 2019 - Fluid Flow Projects: Two-Phase Flow in Pipes


There are currently no workshops scheduled.

Previous Training Events

2013 September Agenda

SAGD - Simulation and Benchmarking of Steam Injection Pipelines
Tom Danielson (ConocoPhillips)

Multiphase Flow in Piping Systems Research and Engineering
Leonid B. Korelstein (Piping Systems Research and Engineering Co.)

A Simplified Slug Flow Model for Highly Viscous Oil-Gas Flow in Horizontal Pipes
Rosmer Brito (The University of Tulsa)

2013 April Uncertainty Characterization in Multiphase Flow Problems
Haijing Gao (Chevron Energy Technology Company)

Confidence Levels for Determining Mechanistic Flow Model Performance for Vertical and Deviated Pipes
Pablo E. Adames (SPT Group Canada)

Saudi Aramco Field Experiences in Multiphase Flow Issue
Satya A. Putra (Saudi Aramco)

Numerical Analysis - A Personal View
Tom Danielson (ConocoPhillips)

2012 October Flow Assurance in BP
Trevor Hill (BP)

Effects of MHD Forces on Fluid and Heat Flows in Pipes
Maher Shariff (Saudi Aramco)

Tom Danielson (ConocoPhillips)

Probability Modeling on Slug Frequency Using Poisson Theory
Eissa Al-Safran (Kuwait University)

2009 September Hydrodynamic Slug Flow: A New Perspective
Thomas Danielson (ConocoPhillips)

Prediction of Two-Phase Critical-Flow Boundary and Mass Flow Rate Across Chokes
Eissa Alsafran (Kuwait Oil Company)

TUFFP 3-Phase Model: A Commercial Simulator's Perspective
Mack Shippen (Schlumberger)

2009 March Turner Critical Velocity Model Revisited
Rob Sutton (Marathon Oil Company)

Scale Up in Multiphase Flow
Thomas Danielson (ConocoPhillips)

Sensitivity of Slug Flow Mechanistic Models on Slug Length
Cem Sarica (TUFFP)

2008 September Relationship Between Mixture and Two-Fluid Models
Thomas Danielson (ConocoPhillips)

Multi-Capacitance Flow Meter
Datong Sun (Baker Atlas)

Application of Various Models for Onshore Production Optimization
Vitaly Yelitcheff (Rosneft)

Deposition and Flow
Lee Rhyne (Chevron)

2008 April Use of the Froude Number in Analysis of Multiphase Flow
Thomas Danielson (ConocoPhilips)

Gas Well Liquid Loading
Rob Sutton (Marathonoil)

Single Phase Laminar Flow for Heavy Oil Transportation
Marcelo Goncalves (Petrobras)

TUFFP Unified Flow Models – A Commercial Simulator's Perspective
Mack Shippen (Schlumberger)